Terms & Conditions



SNACKSUNIVERSE.COM will only ship domestically. Due to our items being perishable, shipping internationally can be more trouble than it is worth. Customs will many times throw food away if it tries to cross an international border, or the food may go bad before it reaches our customers.


All orders are processed upon receipt. In the event of delays every effort will be made to contact you by phone email or mail. If the delay is due to backorder, you will receive notice and be given the choice to remain on backorder substitute to another item or cancel your order.




SNACKSUNIVERSE.COM does not collect sales tax for food items.




All information about our products is derived from the product packaging. We have triple checked everything for accuracy, however, in the event that we have provided invalid information we are not responsible for any loss or damages. Manufacturers change their products from time to time, we will make every effort to ensure we have the most updated information about the product you have ordered.


SNACKSUNIVERSE.COM has no affiliation with any food distributor or manufacturer and does not represent itself as such. All trademarks, logos and images are copyright to their respective owners. Please contact SALES@SNACKSUNIVERSE.COM to report any misuse.